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Appendectomy or (appendicitis) - The surgical removal of the appendix. This procedure is normally performed as an emergency procedure when the patient is suffering from acute appendicitis. The price for this procedure can increase dramatically with possible complications and an extended hospital stay.

  Price Report
Average Hospital Charges:
Average Doctor Charges:
Average Total Cost:

  $ 12,485
$   3,364
$ 15,850

Average Hospital Days:
Average High Cost:
Average High Cost:
  $ 11,150
$ 18,768

* These are all billed charges and do not reflect member benefits or insurance discounts.


For a lappy-appy, a prominent hospital in northern Silicon Valley, billed our insurance company $61,899 and $922 for radiology. I guess I'll be waiting a few months for all the mystery bills to come in.

We just got a bill for my husbands laparoscopic appendectomy and it was $35,000!!

Went into the ER one morning doubled over in pain ..... But by the time I was operated upon - about 6:30 - the pain was zero and I felt as if nothing was wrong. The surgeon convinced me that removing my slightly enlarged appendix was still a good idea. I really had no other choice.
Hospital bill alone - billed my insurer, United Healthcare, for more than 18,240 bucks!!!!!!! And THAT didn't include the surgery!!!! Got the surgeon's bill today - 8 months after-the-fact - apparently NOT covered by insurance - for an additional 1,800 bucks. A simple "no-brainer" lapriscopy, a one-night-stay in a beautiful new facility, 2 meals and ZERO complications whatsoever: 20 GRAND!!!!!!
Tom H.

We are currently in a state of shock over a $24,000 hospital bill received after our son underwent an appendectomy - was hospitalized for barely 36 hours (it was done laparoscopically) and he was never even admitted to a regular room - but was in a holding area, curtained off from the hallway! He had no complications except for an infection at the IV site (taken care of only when we got home at our local emergency room!!) This was at MCV in Richmond, VA - where, we were told by someone in Patient Accounts, '..our rates are set by the General Assembly."
Kathy C.

i recently had an emergency appendectomy. it was a laser surgery. my hospital stay was no more than 24 hours. my total hospital bill, not including any dr fees was $14,254.81.
Helen C.

The Flagstaff Medical Center charged my insurance company $11,698.30 for the facility fees associated with my appendectomy. There are no room and board charges included in this bill. I was admitted through the emergency room and the surgeon wanted to admit me as an inpatient, however I made him promise that if my appendix had not ruptured he would allow me to leave the hospital that evening. That is exactly what happened. My insurance company has also received bills of $462.00 for the Radiologist and $352.00 for the ER Physician. I haven't seen the surgeons bill yet.

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